Route Servers

VarnaIX have two route servers placed in different locations. All members are strongly adviced to use both route servers in their BGP sessions

Route server 1
Route server 2

BGP community tags for sending/receiving prefix announcements to/from route servers

VarnaIX offers flexible routing policy thru BGP communities. Every member can do own bgp filtering to who to annonce and from who to receive

Sending to route servers
Receiving from route servers

Remaping 32bit Autonomus systems to 16bit BGP community

To can fit 32 bit long ASN in 16 bit long bgp community tag, must do remaping. It is based on last octed of the member's ip address assigned on member's main port.


Multipath reception

If member's equipment support multipath, will receive all equal path announcements. Please contact us if you want to disable multipath for your port.


ROA and IRR Validation

Route Servers do a ROA and IRR validation of the prefixes announced thru them, set special community tags, but do not block Invalid/Not found states by default. All "valid" prefixes are with local preference of 100, "not found" with 10, and "invalid" with 5. This logic guarantees if there is "valid" and "invalid"/"not found" prefix, only the valid one will be announced. Every member can do it own BGP filtering in the input route map based on these community tags. If a member would like by default the route servers to block these prefixes not only mark them to him, please contact us. ROA update cycle is every one hour and IRR update is once a day. We strongly advice every VarnaIX member to sign its own prefixes with ROA on coresponding RIR site, or contact the resource holder (LIR) to do it. For more info you can see Technical Examples (comming soon).


On the looking glass section you can check which prefixes currently announced in the VarnaIX are "invalid" / "not found". If you find mistakes, please let us know, ROA+IRR data collecting is done from all 5 RIRs and RADB. Currently we are using two ROA+IRR cache servers in separate phisical locations, but as more they are as more stable will be the system.

RPKI validation server